Syria Energy 2024

Energy sector in Syria has increasing needs for investments, especially after the last 10 years, to set up new power generating plants and transforming stations. Syrian government supports the use of solar energy and encourages the use of alternative energy resources. Syria Energy 2024 is the optimum platform to show the latest technologies in the field of electricity and alternative energies and provide a real opportunity to view these technologies along with introduction of new solutions in the field of industrial automation and control.

Syria Energy 2024 Products Line

  • Industrial Automation Solutions

  • Electrical Boards & Switchers

  • Programmable Logic Controllers PLC

  • Electrical Fuses, Unites, Transformers & Regulators

  • Production of Electricity and Power Stations and Towers

  • Generating Sets

  • Energy Saving Devices

  • High Voltage -Insulators-Low Voltage Equipment

  • Uninterrupted Power Systems, Chargers & Batteries

  • Testing and Measurement Equipment

  • Renewable Energies & Advanced Technology Products

  • Wind Power & Solar Energy System

  • Alternative Sources (Thermal Energy, Hydropower)

  • Clean Energy and Hi-tech Products

  • Transmission Lines, Distribution Networks and Cables

  • Home Lighting, Electrical Supplies and Accessories

  • Thunderbolts Protection Equipment

  • Electrical Engineering Offices and Consultants

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